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Deep Grey with Bag Design Twill Silk Scarf
Sold Out
Sold Out - £70.00 £85.00
Dark Brown Intricate Design Silk Neckerchief
Sold Out
Sold Out - £70.00
Bright Blue and Purple Silk Scarf £70.00
Black, Gold and Red Rope Design Silk Scarf
Sold Out
Sold Out - £70.00

Wide Stripe Coloured Snood £25.00
Check Pattern Winter Scarf £25.00
Dots Patterned Cream Snood £20.00
Check Pattern Pacman Scarf £25.00

Stripe Patterned Colourful Scarf £25.00
Stripe Patterned Scarf £25.00
Patterned Grey, Yellow, Navy and Cream Scarf £25.00
Square Patterned Woollen Scarf £25.00

Aztec Patterned Woollen Scarf with Bobbles
Sold Out
Sold Out - £25.00
Snake patterned knitted woollen scarf £25.00
Woollen scarf with bobbles £25.00
Knitted wool scarf £25.00

Woollen striped scarf
Sold Out
Sold Out - £25.00