Three, Two, One...LAUNCH



Get involved with Us! We’ve had a lot of excitement since the last blog we wrote, Team Urbiana has been completely taken with all the new ideas and products that have come in to our grasp as of late. Lots of new designs and busy work has been done in order to bring not only the new collections to you (our lovely customers) but also to our BRAND SPANKING NEW store on Brick Lane! As you know the store has been under construction for some time and finally having the shop open is just amazing, our launch party saw lots of people having a blast, one of which was none other than fashion blogger Dana Cristina Straut! Dana is a blogger at FashionTag and also works as a fashion writer for various publications in UK and USA. It feels so good to finally get out there. Store Launch, Success! We’ve finally hit the streets and hotting up London’s accessories scene, come visit us, (we don’t bite) we love seeing new faces so come meet us and our products. We’ve got a lot on offer for you and with all new products there’s a lot to enjoy. For any of you out there that did not attend the launch party, sneak peek photos are now uploaded (including a photo of a DANCE show that was going on outside of our store!) on our Facebook, so go and check them out!! As for all the products we have a few new collections to introduce you too such as: Swarovski elements Statement Necklaces Pearls Vintage Looks Ethnic/ Tribal Products Simple Pieces In other big news, we featured in the Spectra Fashion show in London with some of our new collections, please check out the video link below for the fantastic models that wore our pieces! Watch this space for future updates...>

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