The Team


Role: Founder

Hobbies: Reading, Running & a coffee enthusiast

Fave accessory: Gold Hoops

Fave Quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”


Role: Store Manager

Love: Traveling, reading books, nature, spending time with friends.

Fave accessories: Large earrings, rings & headbands

Motto: Life is only one, live it as you want.


Role: Sales assistant

Fave accessory: Gold hoops!

Best skill: Drawing

Hobbies: cooking & reading


Role: Social Media & Content Creator

Fave accessory: Dangly earrings

Hobbies: Photography, cooking & cycling

Random fact: Scared of balloons

Obsession: Tea & pickled food (not together)


Role: Fashion Photographer & Product Developer

Fave Accessory: Doesn’t wear any

Hobbies: Football, running and any outdoor activities

Random Fact: Sang at the Royal Albert Hall in a choir

Cool Fact: Sports model for Nike, EA Sports, New Balance


Role: Photography Assistant & Editor

Fave Accessory: Small hoops & rings

Hobbies: Gym, photography and baking, cooking