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It’s been a month since Urbiana set their feet on the sands of the beautiful Cabo Roig in Spain.

We had the most spectacular venue for our first abroad photo-shoot and didn't we get some good pictures! It has long been a dream of ours to venture out into the fantastic weather that other countries will offer us and finally equipped with our amazing team, this became a reality.


With the height of summer upon us, we endeavour to show all of our lovely customers how spectacular you can look on your holidays, with our accessorises enhancing your already amazing self's. We will be releasing the new photos shortly, so don't forget to keep your eyes peeled on our website for these new inspirations.

Being out and about in the heat was definitely a challenge for our team. With constant reapplying of make-up, trying to get the best shots in the sunlight (thank god for sunglasses) and the re-application of sun cream, it was by far the hottest shoot yet.

The photographer also had a treat with the naturally beautiful landscapes. So many angles and areas to choose from, but with a few hours of walking involved (I must say it was quite intense).10483194_10152465779609886_3028740258998377511_n  

In this blog we have included some of our behind the scenes photos, with the vast amount of restaurants and cafes the team were spoilt for choice, and our apartment was also amazing, have a look and be envious.   All in all we had an absolutely fantastic time and hopefully we will be seeing more of the world for our shoots.



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