The Last of the Summer Styling

Fashion is a constant learning curve. And at Urbiana we embrace the lessons we received from the fashion world. Styling is definitely a big learner, we have to learn what suits us and what is in at the moment and produce something that fits both those options. And as the summer is coming to a end we thought that you should finish it looking your best, so below we have come up with a few looks so you can find what suits you best!   For the Curvy Ladies: It can be hard finding outfits that makes us look slim, especially when some also need to show off their curves. Black Maxi Dress + Spiked Woven Statement Necklace with Beads (in Pink) = Glamourous! 060_033081_11DSC9200 This outfit is perfect for summer, maxi dress is cooling, but because it is black is adds a lovely slimming effect. However black can be a little gloomy so we've added a bright pink and gold statement necklace to brighten everything up!   For the Tall Ladies: Although most of us dream of having long luxurious legs, being tall can sometimes be a pain. Two Toned Top + Gold Etched Egyptian Statement Cuff = Wowza two tones topIMG_8861_copy With tall ladies we need to create sections, so a two toned top will cut the torso in half and by also adding different coloured skirt/shorts you can create a third section. With jewellery go for a long cuff bracelet, this will also cut your long arms into sections, for best results wear a cuff on each arm.   For the Petite Ladies: Peitie ladies know the struggle of always trying to look taller, they can get away with wearing most things, however they need to elongate themselves. High Heels + Stunning Fringe Dangle Earrings (in Silver) = Gorgeous! jimmy-choo-verity-multistrap-sandals-brownDSC8191_b117fd55-bff5-4baa-9a02-8cede4997787 As always, a pair of heels will go a long way, these silver heels go with almost any outfit and are the perfect size to give a petite lady a bit of a boost up. Adding a matching colour set of long dangly earrings with help elongate the face and make the neck appear longer, giving an overall heightened appearance. For best results wear your hair up.   Come on ladies lets make the most of the last of the Summer weather!!

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