Urbianas Autumn Top 5

Although we miss summer here at Urbiana, we realise it isn't all bad news entering autumn. For one thing we can revamp our whole wardrobe and style, and for us girls, we definitely don't need much persuasion when it comes to shopping. So what are we excited about this autumn? Here are Urbianas Top 5 Must Haves this fall. 1. The Leather Jacket. As all girls know who own one of these trusted items, it is a must have in every girls wardrobe. From covering you on a chilly night out with the girls, to combining with a pair of jeans and a tank top, it is the one of the most chic ways to cover up. Here is Kate Moss flawlessly showcasing its simple brilliance. Kate Moss 2. Flatforms. We fully embraced them this summer with our chunky sandals, so why put away the flatform shoe just yet? The great news about these trendy shoes is that they're not only elongating our legs to make us look skinny! They're great when it comes to puddles, no wet feet for us this autumn! Long Legs 3. Statement Jewellery. When will statement jewellery become boring? It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to glam up any outfit. Whether you're heading into work and want to give your office wear a bit more zhush, to finishing your outfit on a night out. These items will never become old. Jewellery blog 4. Knitted Jumpers. Personally one of my favourite things about winter is wrapping up! As days get cooler there is nothing more comfy than putting on a snug jumper. Although wearing jumpers may not be seen as the most fashionable item, pair up with a piece of jewellery (as mentioned in our last favourite item) and voila! Not only are you comfy, you look chic! Knitted Jumpers 5. The Swingin' 60s Yes the 60's is back! Apart from being one of the most influential decades in the past century, it unquestionably was one of the trendiest. With today's fashion revamping its exclusive style over and over again, it gives us a chance this fall to celebrate its individual style again and look "oh so vintage". 60s

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