Dress-up Party Accessory Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and Urbiana is here to help you with last minute suggestions for your Halloween accessories!

 Hoops Signet Ring

Starting with one of the classics - pirate! For a pirate costume you don’t need much, a blouse or any stripey shirt, loose trousers, a bandana, maybe an eyepatch and to top it off gold accessories! Gold hoops and a gold signet ring would work very well. After all, Pirates cared about 2 things: rum & gold!

 Snake Ring Cat Ring Frog Ring
Stone Pendant
Stone Pendant

Next on the spooky list, we got a Witch! Cats, frogs, snakes, big pendants and rings. Witches are all very different according to different cultures - which you can get creative with to not be just another black pointy hat, pointy nose green skin witch.

 gold rings with semi-precious stones Headchains
gold rings with semi-precious stones


You don’t always have to have a costume concept, you can always just dress up different from your usual day self! Check out the online store for more items! Headchains, various silver and gold rings with semi-precious stones, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, chains, sunglasses, and much more!

Happy Halloween!


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