Easter Gift Idea

Easter is here and so are the first signs of the summer weather. Changes in weather means changes in style. We want to give you some ideas of what to get anybody in your life that might need that pop of colour to bring in the spring.

Victorian Style Oval Silver Stone Ring
Silver Turquoise Stone Pendant

Stone Rings are a brilliant way to add that vibrance to your summer outfits.
Our Victorian Style Oval Silver Stone Ring comes with a choice of 5 different coloured stones, our favourite for Easter is the Turqoise.
Match this with our Silver Stone Pendant will add elegance and style to any outfit!

Detailed Stone Bracelet
Triple Threat Earrings

We also love our Detailed Stone Bracelet which comes in a multitude of colours and is fully adjustable based upon wrist size.
Spring is also the perfect time for statement pieces.

Our Triple Threat Earrings come in a luxurious gold that will shine in the sun and stand out in the evening.

Ethnic Surgical Steel Belly Ring

The spring months is also a great time to up someone’s piercing game.
Our Ethnic Surgical Steel Belly Ring is perfect for a special occasion or no occasion at all!

This rounds up the monthly blog, we hope that you find the perfect Easter gifts or perhaps something for yourself with us.

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