How to Clean Sterling Silver Rings

We know that cleaning is a hussle, and no one really likes doing it, as it’s tedious and tiring, both mentally and physically. What’s worse is cleaning something but not doing it right, meaning that all of the effort goes to waste. At Urbiana we offer a wide variety of Sterling Silver Rings, which they need to be properly taken care of & cleaned in a specific way so they won’t get damaged in the cleaning process.

That’s why we are here to explain to  you in detail how to clean your sterling silver rings, the correct way, so not only will they remain clean, but they will also not get tarnished by cleaning them wrongly.

Sterling Silver Ring Classic Silver Ring


The first step of the cleaning process is to add a few drops of liquid dish shoap into warm water and mix until bubbles start to form.Then, add your rings into the solution for 5 to 10 minutes.

 Sterling Silver Crown Ring Sterling Silver Crown Ring

 After that step, take a small brush (any old toothbrush will do) and gently scrub your rings on the outside and inside. To dry, gently rub your rings with a microfiber towel. And voilà ! You are all finished.


 Sterling Silver Bold Flower Rings Sterling Silver Crist Ring

Although this proces may seem too simple, many people tend to get it wrong, and ruin their jewelry. Following this process will make sure your jewelry stays clean and shines all day, everyday !

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