How to represent your spirit animal with stylish and fashionable animal rings and other animal jewellery.

Everyone has an animal they can relate to or even in some cases, resemble. A lot of animals have individual personalities – just like us, but each species have specific and unique behaviours. Sometimes you cannot help yourself from seeing an animal video or even an animal outside and think to yourself “that is so Rebecca”.

In this blog I want to talk about how you can represent your spirit animal with stylish and fashionable animal rings and other animal jewellery.

First up, one of my personal favourites, the snake. Now snakes got a bad rep – but they can actually be very gentle. Snakes are believed to bring fortune, they can be crafty but also symbolise love and happiness. If you want to feel a little bit lucky, get yourself a gold snake ring, snake hoop earrings or even a snake choker necklace.


Snake Hoop Earrings


The Second animal is quite a god among animals, the mighty Elephant. They are the largest land mammals. Some interesting facts about them: they are constantly eating (that is relatable) they communicate through vibrations and famously – elephants never forget. So if you are a magnificent-always-eating-never-forgetting kind of person you should definitely let others know with some elephant bling like, elephant earrings, elephant bangle bracelet or an elephant ring!

Elephant Earrings

The Third animal is the lion; the lion spirit guide represents heart and courage. It's a natural-born leader with a deep sense of authority is quite a god among animals, the lion. They are the king. They are leader. So if you want to feel like a leader you should definitely let others know with some lion bling like, lion rings, lion bangle bracelet or signet lion ring



Signet Lion Rings


Lastly I want to mention owls. Now everyone knows owls represent wisdom, knowledge, change. They are mysterious and quite haunting animals, especially if you’re near by a forest a night – shivers guaranteed. But they can also be quite funny and dramatic with their own unique personalities. So if you got big brains, get yourself a pair of silver owl earrings, owl ring or gorgeous lucky head charm!

Owl Rings

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Informative blog! it was very useful for me. Thanks for sharing. Do share more ideas regularly.
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