Top accessories for your Christmas wish list and Secret Santa

Christmas is quickly approaching, so it's time to start planning the gifts you'll get for your loved ones…But don’t forget about your own wish list!

The financial strains we're under as a result of the energy crisis and ongoing inflation are likely to make Christmas shopping a little more difficult this year. Because of this, we've created a Secret Santa guide this year that focuses on affordable Christmas presents 🎅

1. Spoil yourself with some cool, colourful accessories

Colourful jewellery can have the same mood-boosting effect as the festive season. Whether you want to send a calming message by wearing blue accessories, show self-confidence by wearing violet or make a power statement by wearing red jewellery, we’ve got your back!

Our Big Stone Ring and Gold Hoop with Beads  are available in various colours. Just take a look at our website! 

Big Stone Ring
Gold Hoop Earring with Beads

2. Secret Santa Gift Ideas

If you don't like to make your own gifts, you're probably looking for affordable Christmas present ideas. Urbiana has some fantastic suggestions for affordable and thoughtful gifts.

The Hoop Earrings and Plain Thumb Ring combo is ideal for minimalism lovers, while the Fake Hoop and Fake Silver Nose Ring combo is ideal for your friend or work colleague who is still not sure whether they should get piercings or not.

Get more inspo by heading to our Instagram @urbianauk for more Secret Santa gift ideas and our jewellery advent calendar!

Hoops and plain ring
Fake hoops

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