Why Everyone Will Be Wearing the “Boho Look” this Summer

Why Everyone Will Be Wearing the “Boho Look” this Summer

This year, boho is back, with designers incorporating the “Boho Look” into their summer wardrobe collections. Known for its origins in bohemian culture, the free-spirited and edgy boho look allows individuals to show their true selves. Take, for instance, the boho feather ear cuff which is bold and attracts the eye easily; this, paired with a solid colour outfit, will bring a degree of uniqueness and transform the outfit into something more.

The fact that boho pieces are available in different gemstones including: turquoise, black onyx, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, green agate and amethyst shows the variety boho pieces provide. The diversity of the boho look means the jewellery is perfect for a special occasion like weddings or even your everyday ring. There is no reason to not be wearing boho pieces and it seems like the boho trend is here to stay long-term. Boho can be what the individual wants it to be due to its versatility.

Boho Stone Jewelry: The smooth nature of the stone means the jewellery is polished and comfortable to wear. Urbiana’s boho statement stone ring exemplifies this. The ring is large and covers half the finger but will not snag on clothing or be inconvenient to wear. This makes boho jewellery an appealing option all year around and means people will reach for it over other statement options, which tend to be uncomfortable. Comfort and style, what more could people ask for?

The stone is popular among the masses due to being widely available and affordable for all. The inclusivity of this trend means everyone can feel akin to their favourite celebrities, such as Sienna Miller. Boho beads are for everyone and allow for a sense of unity because, despite individual differences in terms of age, income or status, people will realise they are not all that different after all.  Designers such as Urbiana are a prime example as they sell items such as boho silver earrings for £15. The price is even more appealing due to the durability of boho beads, assuring individuals of the long-lasting nature of the pieces containing boho as they are less prone to scratches.

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