Concept & Rationale

LEND is an initiative that significantly offset a amount of CO2, water and waste in the process, be enabling you to rent, share or lend jewellery rather than buying new.

Once you become a member you can borrow and rent jewellery for a nominal amount, the same as sharing with friends - but the benefit would be that for a small fee, each member can borrow/rent an unlimited amount of jewellery and fashion accessories from other Londoners, encouraging the circular economy and reuse of jewellery.

How Does it Work?

  • For £35/month, you can borrow up to three pieces of premium jewellery every month
  • Want to reserve something? Mark it as "No Longer Available" by expressing an interest in the item and putting down a "credit"
  • Each customer is given "5 credits" to begin with when they sign up to the platform
  • A member of the team at Urbiana will approve the request and let the owner know someone wants to borrow their item
  • Once you receive and wear the jewellery, we will gather feedback and a review to feed back to the owner
  • When you've finished with the item, you can return it to us and notify us of any repairs, which will be taken care of by us.

Why Support Lend?

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduction in waste
  • Reduction in packaging
  • Reduction in virgin material used to make jewellery
  • Support our endeavour towards becoming a zero waste firm