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Golden Duffel Style Bag

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  • Beautiful golden bag
  • Green, blue and red accents with a long golden chain
  • Medium in size, a stunning accessory!
  • CLOSURE: Snap closure
  • MATERIAL: Semi precious stone, brass
  • MEASUREMENT: Height: 8 cm, Width: 17cm, Chain length: 65cm

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Semi precious stone, brass
MEASUREMENT Height: 8 cm, Width: 17cm, Chain length: 65cm
CARING FOR YOUR URBIANA BRASS JEWELLERY Brass naturally tarnishes over time into an antiqued look giving it a beautiful patina. However if you want to get back the shine of your piece, it is easy to clean and look after. You may use home solutions like lemon juice or toothpaste or a commercial brass metal polish like Brasso.

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